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Our integrated cloud workspace gives you 

reliable live data, 

powerful tool sets, and 

support from the community.

All in one place.

Power, Flexibility, and Consistency that Crypto Traders Demand

Reliable Data 

Integrated Environment

Affordable Price

Access historical and real-time data for spot and derivatives markets. Clean and normalized data you want. 

Our Cloud environment is fully integrated with SQL time-series DB, Jupyter Notebook in various flavors and Grafana

Choose plans tailored to your needs. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing. Based on per hour usage. No setup fee

Focus on strategy building

Get access to all the data needed to build strategies on a few button clicks

Hassle-free tables and database management

Data is stored in fastest time series database Quest DB and database is fully managed

Iterate ideas with ease

Seamless integration with data modeling and backtesting libraries increases the iteration speed

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Ready-to-use workspace

Fast and powerful server with data and tools 


All the crypto exchanges' data

300+ Spot and Derivatives exchanges 

Different data types and granularities

OHLCV, exchange volumes, ticker, orderbook data 

Historical and Live Data

Upto 5 years of historical data

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Focus on your strategy & leave the rest to ChainSlayer!

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